E-learning module on IFP portal allows obtaining information on the correct identification of the type of furniture in this type of interior.

E-learning has the form of a virtual house with four floors. The ground floor, first and second floors are devoted to public spaces - hotel and restaurant on the ground floor, the classroom, the lecture hall and the office in the first floor and finally the doctor's office and hospital room on the second floor.

Finally, the third floor, a standard flat - which is private interior, placed upon it other requirements. This floor has 4 rooms - kitchen, children's room, living room and bedroom.

The e-learning virtual house you can enter by clicking on the image section of e-learning. In addition, the system prompts you to select the language in which you view the application.

Movement in the house is possible in two ways:

First - using buttons - arrows at the top of the screen, you can select the desired floor. The interior will then get a simple click on the room. Detailed information about the elements in the interior, you will learn to roll your individual pieces of furniture. Click then invokes a menu that includes terminologically correct product name and the list of requirements for a product - health safety, fire safety, performance, ergonomics, safety, testing, and security structures.


Second - using the menu - on the right side of the screen, which gives access directly to individual floors. Click on the plan will take you directly to the desired room, and you can find the necessary information.

Return allows the left of the screen, which is displayed only when you are in one of the rooms.

Logo allows you to leave the house and return to the main portal page.



How to get more information and work with them?

Log on to our system, allowing you to save the information found in your "shopping list" and then print. The information in your profile is saved and you can manage with them at your next visit.


If you have found any inaccuracy, please contact us at: info@e-furniture.info