Virtual house


Flexible learning methods are used in the third element of our educational set.
E-learning uses an extensive database of furniture products, which contains the essential elements commonly occurring in the interior of a house / flat, office, surgery and other premises.

TheE-learning has an answer to the question of which standards and technical regulations apply to a specific type of furniture. You will also learn about different types of premises and their classification in terms of safety. The authors tried to include all common types of premises and equipment.

E-learning shows an illustrative application of the standards in practice and properly emphasizes their importance. Many problems and injuries often can be prevented with knowledge of requirements that are specified in the regulations.

E-learning is presented here in the form of a virtual house. In the house you can move through the indicative plan. Each room is distinguished bycolour and allows views from 3 perspectives - two diagonal views and a floor plan.

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